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VZ Industries is your partner in sheet-metal Engineering for both simple as complex structures.

The goal is to achieve a new product that fulfills all customer requirements and at the same time holds the key-specifications for efficient production in low and high volumes


The Development stage is to optimize the new design (which can also be your own engineered design) into a cost-efficient manufacturable product.



Whatever the complexity or production-volumes of your sheet-metal products, 
VZ Industries is equipped with both highly automated machinery as hand crafted specialists.

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VZ High Capacity Sanitizer
Reliable, flexible and affordable disinfection

Up to 20 liter capacity                                                               Battery or 230V operated
means less frequent refills                                                        up to 7500 doses of 1.5 ml
                                                                                                  with 4 (ultra) AA batteries

Affordable operation                                                                 Touch-free Dispense
disinfection fluids available for less than €2 per liter                sensor controlled tap

Safety HALO                                                                              Mobile usage
prevents users from accidently drinking                                   4 castors for flexible relocation
Stainless steel top                                                                      Drain   
powdercoated body in RAL 9016                                              up to 10 liters of ‘waste’ fluid
Adjustable dispense doses                                                       Stabilizers to fulfil EU safety regulations   
range of 1.5 – 6.0 ml                                                                  EN-62368-1 compliant
Customisable                                                                              Produced in The Netherlands 
colour, graphics and branding                                                   Price € 899,- ex VAT



All engineering starts with an idea, most of the time your idea! VZ Industries helps you with the engineering of your idea to a complete 3D-CAD design that incorporates all your requirements and wishes.

Starting with a simple pen-sketch, a paper/carton -folded concept or a 3D-printed mini-product, your idea will evolve to a thorough CAD-design in Solidworks that can be evaluated on your own computer in your own time.


One of the most important steps towards production; Development! The way a 3D-CAD design is ‘translated’ to production, will determine the success of a product.

Material choice, production steps, BOM layout, finish requirements, packaging… , everything influences the manufacturability, the cost-price, but also the logistic performance.

VZ Industries’ team of developers can support you with developing a new or an already existing product, whether it is designed by you, by VZ or by any external design bureau.



Production, basically the consequence of the previous steps Engineering & Development.

The right balance between automation and craftsmanship creates a production facility that can handle a large variety of different products in small-, medium- and high-volume production batches. 

A flexible but strict production planning together with ISO-9001 related procedures ensures a delivery-reliability of more than 99%.



VZ Industries

Schipholweg 847

2143 CB Boesingheliede

The Netherlands

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